Part of Compass’ principal investing program offers employees and clients opportunities to invest alongside us in proprietary situations where the Firm has a competitive advantage. These have historically been investments in single companies.


Over the past two decades, Compass has developed investing principles that set the strategy for how we analyze potential investments, as outlined below:


Compass believes that the investing climate will remain difficult over the next several years. Thus, our focus has been on identifying undervalued situations where:


  • Macro-economic factors are favorable.
  • Our operating capability or unique access can add significant value.
  • We are not doing the same things as “the crowd” of investors.


We provide full transparency to our investors, both about our portfolio companies and in our corporate governance, with outside directors evaluating our decisions, disclosures, and compensation.


Our terms are investor-friendly and our compensation is strongly aligned with the underlying performance of the investments themselves rather than attendant fees.


Select investments in this area include:



Advanced Programs, Inc.




Hart Energy