Compass seeks to invest in situations where it has a competitive advantage. Operating capability, industrial insight, senior access and local presence can all help create opportunities for investments with above average rates of return.


People. Some members of the Compass team have been with the Firm for almost twenty years, so there is continuity of management and style. Other professionals have joined the team over the past few years, bringing unique outside perspectives to the table.


Investors. Compass receives support from a number of investors who were part of the Firm’s European Fund, and from others who perceive value in the Firm’s history of implementing operating improvements on its investments, acting as a fiduciary for its investors and discovering unusual opportunities.


Specific Initiatives. Compass is developing investments in three major areas:


  1. Secondary direct purchases of portfolios of assets owned by others
  2. Principal investments in specific single companies
  3. Emerging market funds where there may be competitive advantage


 A brief summary of our investment program can be found here.

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