The Associate role is typically reserved for those who have completed a two year investment banking Analyst program.


Compass Associates form the backbone of the Firm’s analytical rigor and are primarily dedicated to our investing business. Associates are expected to have mastered the core Analyst skills and focus primarily on analyzing and sourcing investment opportunities while also assisting on advisory assignments as needed. We look for stars that have fantastic analytical skills combined with extraordinary interpersonal skills.


The Associate experience at Compass is different from other boutique and bulge bracket firms in a few key ways:


  • Associates work closely and directly with Compass’ senior leaders.
  • Compass looks for its Associates to be more than just analysts. We actively search for those with a proven-track record of analytical rigor, idea generation, and taking the initiative to find unique investment opportunities.
  • Compass operates as a true meritocracy and refuses to adhere to service-length-based promotion metrics. We love to promote from within, including giving outstanding Associates the opportunity to attend business school and return to Compass to begin the next stage of their career, i.e. partner track.
  • Compass aims to hire people who will build the Firm while the Firm helps them build their careers. We reward hard work but also don’t expect our team to put in unnecessary “face”-time.


Many firms say they are entrepreneurial, but at Compass an entrepreneurial spirit is a way of life.


For Associate applications, please submit your cover letter and resume to Recruitment.


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